14 Jun 2018

The Pinterest Series: Food (Recipe review #1)

Hey guys! I bet you thought I forgot about you. But NAAAH. I've been here, cooking, not cooking, job searching, not job searching, looking to relocate etc. etc. There's no shortage of things that I need to do. Wish I didn't have to do a damn thing, but that is LIFE. Anyway, moving on to more pressing matters. FOOD for instance. I've made this Sweet Korean Lentils recipe from the blog 'It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken' twice now. It is fast. It is easy, doesn't involve an extensive list of ingredients and not to mention its affordable! Did I also forget to mention how tasty it was?

sweet korean lentil ingredients
Sweet Korean Lentils: What I used to make this recipe

This recipe didn't require any type of preparation, so If you need a quick last minute meal idea (as I often do). This one is definitely a winner to throw into your last minute meal rotation, especially if you are a fan of Asian cuisine.

All of these ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery store. I forgot to include the lentils in the picture. But they shouldn't be hard to find. Just look in the section where they keep the rest of the dried peas and beans. If not, just ask someone!

Sweet Korean Lentils: The saucey mix!

The second time that I made this dish I added extra garlic and ginger. I loved the extra kick. So if you also like to shake things up, then throw a little extra in too. Don't be afraid to amplify those flavors!

Sweet Korean Lentils: Sautee them onions girl (or boy), no tears. 

If you are one of those people who say "oh, I'm not really good at cooking" or you have trouble "following" recipes....I think you can definitely handle this one! Give it a go. If you can read. You can go ahead and follow this recipe to get the Sweet Korean Lentils of your dreams ;)

Sweet Korean Lentils: Put it all together and what do you get?

The aromas from this dish are totally inviting and you will be ready to dive in ASAP, so make sure you have the rest of the accompaniments ready.

Sweet Korean Lentils: A versatile hot meal! 

I really enjoyed this dish guys. Like seriously. As basic as it is, its so VERSATILE. You can enjoy it with rice (whichever you prefer- brown, white, wild) or even noodles. I even tried it on a bun like a vegan sloppy joe version. I would show you a picture, but you should just try it for yourself, it didn't look too cute in a photo. I might even try this on a baked potato in the near future. 

Here's the link again to the blog with the recipe (Sweet Korean Lentils). Prefer a meaty dish? Do a google search for Mongolian beef. I can't recall the exact recipe I used when I used to make it, but the ingredients are quite similar (Mongolian beef recipe).

Have you already tried it? What are your thoughts? 

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