8 Feb 2018

Revelation: I'm a Procrastinating Perfectionist

I have a problem. In my head, I'm extremely ambitious. I have these 'visions' of how I want things to be done or there's a certain outcome that I expect. Too many times... the reality is a borderline epic FAIL. So then what happens is, I start to put things off in order to avoid disappointing myself or failing. Talk about giving up before getting started. Not good right? Therefore... I'm deeming myself a procrastinating perfectionist.

Wait. Is that even a thing? *hits google, starts typing procrastinating perfectionist* 342,000 results in 0.48 seconds. Yessiiii google to the rescue!

I haven't got all of my technology up to scratch, so I've been putting off doing posts (out of fear of posting inadequate non-tech savvy posts, but everyones gotta start somewhere right!)

This post has been sitting here unpublished for a loooong a** time. And you know what...Here goes nothing... It's publishing time.

Do you suffer from being a PP? What are some ways you got around it? Drop a comment, share your thoughts. Let's turn this around together!

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