25 Feb 2018

The Pinterest Series: Food

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Wave your hands in the air if you're ready to explore PINTEREST! Let's get started. So I've made a little list of things that I want to try. I share a lot of food, health/fitness and hair pins...so it'll more than likely be of that variety. The rest are more informational, but if you are interested in a productivity pin, I'd be willing to test it out and post about how that went too (just leave a comment below to let me know). 

I'm going to divide the posts by categories (food, drink, hair, etc.) I won't be trying these out in any particular order. There will be a minimum of 5 pinterest posts per category. I'll do them individually, because if you are like me and have a somewhat short attention span or aren't a fan of "too much" reading then yeah, you totally get me. 

Pinterest food board: Let's Get Cookin' (@nascentnads)

FOOD. I love to eat, don't mind cooking, but despise having to wash up. That's life though right? I mostly only eat once or twice a day out of "laziness" or being too busy catering to Rosie (she likes foods which I may or may not be interested in or don't really eat that often). Bad habit. I know. I think my favourite meal of the day is dinner. Not really a big breakfast fan as cereal isn't something I live for (some people do!). I would/could eat pancakes everyday but that probably would not be a good idea. I'm not a big meat lover because I'm not interested in seeing the veins and/or tendons as I'm biting into a chicken leg. This could be due to one too many college biology dissection labs...I don't know. I get a little grossed out, but I don't have a problem cooking it. I would love to be a vegetarian, except I love a good cheeseburger every now and then. *Hellooo Five Guys* 

The first food pin that I really cannot wait to try is this Sweet Korean Lentils recipe. I love lentils and the ingredients remind me of this Mongolian beef recipe that I used to make pretty often. This recipe only takes 15 minutes so that is a big win in my eyes. Not to mention it isn't some big extensive or expensive ingredient list. This pin originated from the vegan recipe blog, It Doesn't Taste like Chicken. I'm glad that I have discovered this because I just want to scale back from meat in a big way right now, and this blog looks like its on the money with such a variety of meals.

This will be the only pin that involves meat. Sorry to all you carnivores out there. There may be some meaty posts in the future...just not this time around. In this recipe the meat used is turkey. I know a lot of people aren't too fussed by turkey because they say it's dry. I guess mostly the breast portion? But I love it. Mostly the roasted variety that involves the "Thanksgiving trimmings". This recipe is a combo of pan frying and baking. Garlic Parmesan Turkey Breast Cutlets appears to be another easy quick and easy dinner idea. I love the flavour of garlic so I can't see how this could possibly go wrong.

Next is this Maple-orange glazed chickpeas and carrots recipe. Chickpeas taste awesome. They are versatile and great source of protein. The perfect replacement if embarking on a meat-free diet. Chickpeas are something else I could eat everyday, but only if they're prepared in different ways. In this dish they are teamed up with the sweet taste of carrots and maple syrup and some citrus zest from the orange. Sounds amazing right?

The fourth, but not final meal, which I am excited to try is this Creamy Red Pepper Alfredo sauce to throw on some possibly gluten free pasta. Pasta can put weight on you (like most carbs), but it is such an easy go to meal! Boil some water, throw pasta in, cook 'til tender, drain then toss in some sauce and VOILA! A 'complete' meal. With this red pepper alfredo sauce you can cut back on the fat content by using... cashews! therefore increasing the protein content. Then imagine replacing the pasta with a spiralled veggie noodle or gluten free pasta. You got yourself a guilt free meal.

The final food pin for the Pinterest series is *drum roll* Sweet Potato Falafel. I love falafels. I enjoy a good sweet potato, whether baked whole, as fries, or mashed. To have them together is well...an honour! I can eat falafels on a bed of lettuce, in a wrap, or in a panini. The possibilities are almost endless. This recipe isn't too labor intensive and as I'm seeing with the rest of my four 'to tries', not containing a whole bunch of expensive ingredients.

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