17 May 2016

The Intro

I don't know how you found this page or what brought you here... but WELCOME!

A few years back I had started a blog (Let's Hair It) and sort of forgot about it and neglected it as I got all wrapped up with university and life and I think it (the blog) and I need a revival! I'm actually starting it over as I want to incorporate more than just the things I do with my 'hair and food'. This is more like a LIFE blog for me.

A few things have happened since I was last on here. I've grown out and BC'd my hair AGAIN (hopefully for the last time!), had a beautiful baby girl, she's now 2...almost 2 and a half! and finally graduated from university with a BSc in Pharmaceutical Science. To start my career I've decided to stay here in England....and I'm strongly considering a Master's program.

This has been a long and somewhat stressful journey, but I made it!

What I intend to share with you on this blog is a variety of things from natural hair, food, travel, DIY, and of course my little blossoming Rosie.

This is me navigating through life, trying to raise a queen and evolving as an individual---> coming into existence.

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